Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Wendy Ate

On Friday night, Brian and I attempted to cook a scrumptious-sounding recipe from one of my favorite foodie blogs What Katie Ate.
We went to Whole Foods where we picked up our fresh ingredients:

I opted for Conchiglie shells which I found to hold the cream sauce rather well.  I also asked the butcher to cut the Speck pretty thick so that I could dice it up appropriately.  As an appetizer we grilled some slices of fresh baguette (brushed with olive oil) with mozzarella, basil, oregano and a few of the tomatoes we slow-roasted for the pasta. It's definitely important to use fresh ingredients (no dried herbs, no canned vegetables, etc) when you cook.  Your food will only taste as fresh as the ingredients that go into it.  I let the speck & pecorino cream sauce cook down more slowly than the original recipe (for about 15 minutes).  The flavors had more time to develop and the sauce turned out perfectly.  When I was done, I mixed the al-dente pasta with the peas in a serving dish.  I then poured the speck & pecorino cream sauce over the pasta and topped it with the slow-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano and a small bit of the cheese on top.  We paired our meal with a bottle of a Coppola blend (I had never tried it before...and I thought it was just 'ok.').  For dessert, Brian and I each had a chocolate canoli.

We spent the next hour following our meal in a food-induced coma and then went to bed.  For breakfast the next morning, I ate the leftovers while Brian was still asleep.

Recipe via What Katie Ate


  1. Hello fellow film student and Woody Allen fan! High five! Seriously. I love meeting other Woody Allen fans. Well I wish I had been exposed to Woody Allen at an earlier age. I think I would've matured a lot earlier mentally. So lucky you. What's your favorite Woody Allen film? Which film school do you go to?

    Oh I love cooking, but I guess I'm not motivated. Every time I watch a movie about cooking like Julie & Julia, I want to cook. I want to drench everything with butter. Mmmmm. I love fresh produce. Fresh herbs all the way. This post makes me super happy. It's good to eat well.

  2. I honestly feel like there are so few female Woody Allen fans that are as obsessed as I am, so it's refreshing to find that someone as lovely as yourself also feels the same way! It's hard to pick a favorite film, but I think Manhattan is probably my #1. It is a brilliant masterpiece. Stardust Memories may be a close second...(and of course Annie Hall and Sleeper).
    I currently go to UCLA. My film program is a little more relaxed and allows me to take classes as my leisure which is nice because I travel pretty often and I hate long-term commitment! I have about a year and a half-2 years left.
    P.S. There will be a lot more food posts to come! I obsessively take photos of food and creep everyone out with my food documentation.