Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back To The Future

There is something both joyously beautiful and hauntingly creepy about photographer Irina Werning's fascinating ongoing photo project, "Back To The Future," in which her subjects are seen re-creating childhood portraits.  
I can't stop looking at these.  I am obsessed.  
The most incredible part of these photographical re-creations is that the emotions/thoughts/actions/intent displayed by the subjects are seemingly the same in both the old + the new pictures. 
It kind of makes me question how we evolve as people and how we constantly try to 'escape' from our past selves in order to become 'better,' more 'intelligent' and 'evolved' beings.  But, can we really 'escape' our past?  Or maybe deep inside of us, we stay true to original character, no matter how hard we try to change.  Maybe we have to start believing that we can't truly escape ourselves, and that we will always be as good and as innocent as we were when we were young. 

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