Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kurt Vile

I can't stop listening to "Jesus Fever" & "In My Time" off Kurt Vile's new album, Smoke Ring For My Halo. Just thought I'd share.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pastel Summer

I have never been much of a pastel person, instead gravitating towards darker shades like olive green, browns, rusty reds, black & navy, but lately I have been warming up to the light, summery look of pastels.  They are so feminine and you can mix & match every color and the combinations still look amazing.  Here are a few of my favorite pastel-hued finds. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

End Of The World

In honor of the supposed upcoming Apocalypse known as 'The Rapture,' (which I find to be hilarious/weird/entertaining) here is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here are a few of my photo experiments as of late:

If you would like to use any of these photos (or are reposting them) please be sure to give credit.  I recently saw a few photos of mine on another blog (no need to name names) claiming my photography as their own.  I definitely don't consider myself to be an amazing or knowledgeable photographer, but it still makes you feel kind of sad when that happens.  I give credit to all artists and photographers, or anything else on my blog that I am sharing.  It's important that we appreciate and respect one another, as creative people, and by giving credit you are showing that respect.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It was my birthday yesterday, so on Sunday I threw a big picnic in Elysian Park to celebrate.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect for lounging outside with a group of lovely people eating delicious food, playing charades, drinking mimosas, and hanging out with all the cute dogs in attendance.  I went a little crazy making food for the day which included my dream cupcakes with edible flowers on top, home made caramel with Cyprus sea salt, chocolate covered strawberries, sun-dried tomato pasta salad with mozzarella and basil, cous cous salad with Marash pepper & chocolate chip cookies with oreos inside of them.  It was laid-back and relaxing, which was exactly what I had in mind when I planned the day.
Yesterday, Brian (the most amazing boyfriend in the world) surprised me and took me on a ferry to Catalina Island for the day.  I had never been to Catalina before, so I was really excited.
After a smooth, hour long ferry ride, we arrived in Avalon.  As we pulled up, the town reminded me of a quaint seaside village in Italy, but with colorful, old California style buildings.
We spent our day eating ice cream, making friends with seagulls, speeding around in a golf cart in the cliffs above the town (nobody in Catalina has a car...everyone drives golf carts!), drinking strawberry mojitos, eating freshly shucked oysters and clam chowder, and enjoying the lazy quietness of the Island.
We watched the sun set on the Pacific Ocean on the ferry ride back home, and I wished that the day didn't have to end.
I saw some beautiful campsites on Catalina Island, and I definitely need to go back soon for some camping (and maybe grill some freshly caught seafood!).
It was a really fun & special day that I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable birthday.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Restaurant Review: Waterloo & City

My brother took me to Waterloo & City for an early birthday dinner Wednesday night (I stopped my cleanse early, after completing 20 days without alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, flour, gluten, red meat or salt, but that's for a later post!).  The casual atmosphere was different than I expected and the food was delicious and innovative.  Here are some photos, with a review to follow.
I was expecting the atmosphere at Waterloo & City to be more upscale and stuffy, given the original, farm-fresh gastronomic cuisine that had me drooling all over their menu.  It felt more like a cool, casual pub with a large dining space and a long bar full of boisterous patrons, rather than a pretentious 'see and be seen' type of place, which was really refreshing.   It's always nice to go to a restaurant where you can actually focus on your food & your immediate company and not have to worry about being fancy.
I immediately ordered a Pimm's Cup (such a treat), and my brother and I perused their mouth-watering menu and chose a few stand-out dishes to share.
We started things off with the Pork & Truffle Pate w/ Madeira Jelly, Cornichons and Toasted Brioche.
The Pate came in a small jar, with a thin layer of the Jelly on the top.  The Pate on it's own was subtle and delicious, and the sweetness of the Jelly added a nice touch, although when spread on the Brioche, I could barely taste the Pate.  I would have preferred a crusty baguette rather than a buttery Brioche, which stole the flavor away from the Pate.
We then shared the Yellowtail Crudo w/ Shallot & Ginger Dressing and Shishido Peppers.  At first we thought it would be weird to introduce a Japanese-influenced dish into a rather hearty meal, but we decided to mix-and-match flavors rather than stick to one genre.  The Yellowtail was absolutely delicious.  The Shallot & Ginger dressing only enhanced the flavor of the fish, rather than overpower it and the Shishido Peppers added a nice, spicy crunch.
For our Main Course we had the Rotisserie Lamb w/ Crispy Shepherd's, Sunchokes & Gremolata.   This was probably the best-cooked Lamb I've ever had.  It was so incredibly juicy and tender and packed full of flavor.  The Lamb sat on three crispy, fried Shepherd's Pies, which kind of blew my mind.  If I could eat fried Shepherd's Pie every day of my life, I would die happy.  I'm usually really picky with sunchokes- they have a really distinct flavor that definitely is not for everyone, but these were seasoned & cooked perfectly.  We also shared the House Fries w/ Harissa Aioli, which were good.
For dessert we each had a glass of the Moscato di'Asti, a very sweet, almost honey-flavored dessert wine.   We also had the Raspberry Neopolitan w/ Pistachios & Basil Lime Sorbet.  I am a fan of very tart desserts, and this was definitely very tart.  The buttery crunch of the Shortbread underneath the lemony sweetness was delicious.  The Basil Lime Sorbet was so refreshing, I wish I could eat this everyday during the summer.
Overall, Waterloo & City is a great place to experience thoughtful, beautifully-plated and innovative food while enjoying a casual, unpretentious, relaxed environment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Destinations

Just a few of the incredible places that I dream of experiencing someday...

1. Patagonia, Chile:  I would love to one day traverse the Andean peaks of Patagonia with people I love. Sometimes untouched nature has this way of making you feel really small and insignificant, and it's that type of modesty and appreciation that makes you realize how lucky you are to exist on this planet.
2. Santorini, Greece:  Santorini is one of those places that you think must not be real because it looks like a dream.  I just imagine myself sitting nestled above the ocean, watching the sunset reflect off the small white buildings and pretending like life is perfect in a place like this.
3. Bokod, Hungary:  Bokod is an extremely small village in Northern Hungary that is almost impossible to get to unless you have a car.  There are only 2,000 people who live there and one main road that runs through the town.  If I wanted to escape, I would come here.
4. Cinque Terre, Italy:  I wouldn't complain about waking up in the Italian Riviera every morning.  It's almost unfair that a place like this exists on the opposite the world from myself.
5. Cote d'Azur, France:  Surrounded by the Alps & the warm breezes of the Mediterranean lies the French Riviera.  I often look through photos from this stunning Provence and find myself daydreaming about drinking mimosas under the trees overlooking the bright blue beach.
6. Istanbul, Turkey:  When I was in Europe last, everyone I met along my travels kept gushing about how incredible Istanbul was.  I recently watched a short documentary about the culture of Istanbul, and I am now obsessed with the stunning architecture, colorful textiles, and especially the food (!!!) of this city.
7. Fjord, Norway:  Geirangerfjord located in Norway is the world's most untouched Fjord.  I imagine how quiet it must be to glide along the water in this pristine Fjord, and how amazingly beautiful that would be.
8. Jerusalem, Israel:  I have actually been to Jerusalem once, but I was very young and barely remember what it looks like in person.  I do, however, remember how powerful it felt to be standing in a place with such deep history.  I am going back to Israel in September and I can't wait to experience it again now that I am older.
9. Kinvara, Ireland:  Kinvara is a small, picturesque seaside village in South County Galway, Ireland.  You can enjoy an Irish feast inside the tiny Dunguaire Castle, built in 1520 while listening to traditional Irish music after a day of fishing.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Yesterday I was enjoying my day hanging out in the Ace Hotel pool in Palm Springs with great friends, so I wasn't able to do a Mother's Day post until now.
My Mom is one of the most incredible women I know.  Both of her parents were Holocaust survivors, and she was born in a displacement camp in Germany after the war was over.  When she was 3, her family immigrated to the United States, and settled into the Bronx (onto a very dangerous street, no less).  Her parents had no money and were still dealing with the trauma of living in Concentration Camps.  My Mom needed an escape, and so her survival instincts forced her to excel in school and she eventually got accepted with a full scholarship to UCLA medical school in the late 60's and got her degree in Medicine.  She has been practicing Medicine for over 35 years (and has been very successful at it), and has now forayed into Eastern Medicine including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs & Ayurvedic Therapy.  She is also an amazing metal sculptor, painter, gardener, macrobiotic cook, life-advice giver, and is such a great support system for my brother and I.  She is an incredibly strong Woman, while being peaceful and mellow at the same time.  I feel like a stronger, more self-aware person because she is my Mom.
She doesn't usually like gifts that aren't hand-made by my brother or myself, so this year for Mother's Day, I made a donation in her name to the Edna Adan Hospital in Somaliland, East Africa.  The health in Somaliland, which has pretty much been left in total destruction after the Civil War, is amongst the worst in the world.  Most Women in Somaliland will either be victims of Female Genital Mutilation, or will die during childbirth because of the extremely poor healthcare.  The Infant mortality rate is even higher.  Edna Adan Hospital was started to support these Women and to provide them with the healthcare that they deserve as human beings.  The Hospital is non-profit and is held-together by the support of different organizations and donors.
Spending money on flowers or chocolates is nice, but donating that money to a good cause is even better.  If you cut back on a few drinks at a bar, or a few nights of eating out for dinner, you can spend that money on seriously helping people in need.  It is a gift that truly keeps on giving, and I think it's really important to lend yourself where you can in life.
My Mom loved the gift, and is even thinking about traveling to Somaliland to volunteer and lend her Medical training to helping these Women in need.
I hope to travel with her, and I truly hope that more places like the Edna Adan Hospital find the funds to succeed in helping people live long, healthy, and fruitful lives.

P.S. Isn't my mom gorgeous?