Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Growing up,  I always hated having freckles.  My noticeable spotting paired with my long, wild auburn hair made me stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of tan California blondes.  As a young teen, I was constantly trying to cover up the freckles on my face by loading on piles upon piles of makeup.  Instead of looking like a fresh-faced teenager, I looked like a baby prostitute (not a good look. Please burn any photos you have of me during this period).  In High School, my friends and I would usually go to the beach to relax after school.  They would all be laid out in bikinis while I sat Indian style in the sand, clad in all black everything, covering as much skin as possible.
Eventually I got sick and tired of spending so much time wishing away something that was a part of me.  I decided that I was going to accept all the unique attributes I was given (freckles, auburn hair, pale skin, a small nose, very small feet, a round face, huge eyes, etc) and learn to love these things that I thought I hated.  A huge part of being happy is being able to accept reality instead of rejecting it and wishing for something different.  Obviously I have my days (like everyone else) where I don't feel %100 wonderfully about myself (it's really all about attitude), but for the most part I feel special in my own skin, freckles and all.

A few favorite freckled things. (Anne Of Green Gables, duh.)

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