Friday, March 25, 2011

Music For A Desert Getaway

I just completed a mix for my upcoming 2 night trip to The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to celebrate Brian's 30th birthday.  We are both in dire need of of an escape from reality (ie: work, school, bullshit).  I wanted a mix that evoked a relaxed, happy vibe but also had a romantic, bohemian, far-away feel-- like driving on an endless highway surrounded by nothing but cacti & dust with your best friend sitting next to you.  I really just wanted something nice that we could listen to while we lounge (in the private Garden Patio connected to our room) & sip desert cocktails.

Song listing:
1. Let's Go Away For Awhile - Beach Boys
2. Spanish Classical Guitar  - Andres Segovia
3. Dreams Come True Girl - Cass McCombs
4. Jesus - The Velvet Underground
5. Un Rayo Del Sol - Le Mans
6. One PM again - Yo La Tengo
7. Stay Where You Are - Ambulance LTD
8. Sara Snow - White Fence
9. Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons & The Byrds
10. Farewell To Earnest - Jyotitindra Moitra
11. Sleep Walk - Santo & Johnny
12. The Girl From Ipenema - Astrud Gilberto
13. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles - Francoise Hardy
14. He Gave Us The Wine To Taste - Jonathan Richman
15. Walk In The Park - Beach House
16. Die Tonight - Ty Segall
17. The City In The Sea - Crystal Stilts
18. Unknown - Kurt Vile
19. You And Me - Penny & The Quarters

And here's the link to download my mix, enjoy!
Palm Springs Mixtape


  1. awesome mix! I wanted to make a mix for my trip there but didn't get a chance!