Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just say no.

Today is the first day of a month long cleansing experiment of saying "NO" to things.  I won't be drinking any alcohol or caffeine, and won't be eating bread or anything with added sugar (also no dairy, processed foods or red meat).   Honestly, I'm kind of just trying to test my willpower.  I want to know that I can be content without these things.  I don't think I'm as nervous about actually being able to go through with it as I am nervous about how it may affect social situations.  But that's kind of the point.  I hope to update here with my progress in a few weeks!


  1. good luck! this is an excellent plan.

  2. agreed. good luck to you:-)

  3. Yes please keep us updated! I'd be interested to know how you feel in a few weeks. It sounds like a great plan.

    And Miss Moss, I'm listening to your "Like A Dream" mix right now! I couldn't help but mention it when I saw your comment :)