Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I thought I would post my wishlist so people can plan accordingly (just kidding...kind of).
1.  Super 8 Camera - I have about a million ideas for short/experimental films floating around, and a Super 8 would be the perfect camera to capture the the nostalgic dreaminess I have in my head.
2. Turkish Peshtamel - These traditional Turkish bath towels are thin & light, and perfect for Summer.
3. William Eggleston's Guide - I need this book so I can stare at William Eggleston's gorgeous, inspiring photography every day.
4. Moleskin Notebook - I realize time and time again that I need a small notebook to jot down ideas while I'm on the bus or wandering around town.  I seem to have amazing revelations on the bus and then forget them when I return home.  I need to remember to write things down!
5. Neest Cara Mug - This lovely wooden mug, hand-crafted in Japan, would be perfect for my morning tea.
6. Leather Purse - I love the triangle/zig zag pattern on this purse.  Funny thing is, in between the time I made this wishlist and posting this, I had already bought it for myself!  Oops.
7. Topshop Bralet - I can't imagine myself not wearing this (not on it's own!) everywhere during summer.
8. Josie Maran Argan Oil - I absolutely love Josie Maran's eco-friendly cosmetics line.  All of her products are designed to revitalize and properly care for your skin, rather than cover up existing problems.  I keep hearing amazing things about the wonders of Argan Oil, and I would like to try it myself.
9. Full Moon Necklace - I love this hand-made necklace that is accented with authentic porcupine quills.
10. Fresh Products - I just recently started using Fresh products (the soy facial cleanser), and I can personally attest to their greatness.  If I could have all of their products, my skin would be eternally grateful.
11. Black Loafers - These shoes look incredibly comfortable...maybe because they look like they could double as slippers?  I don't think I would ever take them off.
12. Judy Kaufmann Woody Allen Print - Judy Kaufmann's whimsical prints (made in Barcelona) are fantastic.  This Woody Allen print wouldn't look so out-of-place on my wall.
13. Pastel Set - I want to spend more time outside with pastels.  I think this needs to happen this summer.
14. A Massage - All I really want for my birthday is to relax.  I feel like I am always on-the-move, and a back massage would seriously be the perfect gift.


  1. moleskine notebooks are just the best!

  2. What a great list. What's #15? They look like they belong in my house and I need to know!

  3. Mandy- Yes, they are the best!

    Kiriko: Oh my goodness! I can't believe I totally forgot to list what #15 is. Whoops!
    Those are spring thistles, from this cute little shop on Etsy.
    Here's a link to the shop: