Sunday, June 12, 2011


A few things I am obsessed with at the moment:

1. Kale - This leafy superfood has had me hooked ever since I went through my 30 day cleanse.  It is such a versatile green, and is eaten in almost every single country.  It is one of the most nutrient-packed greens you can eat!
2. Mark Fry - My friend Camille recently introduced me to the 70's psych-folk music of Mark Fry and I am absolutely smitten.  He sounds like a mixture of Donovan and Nick Drake, and he is so ridiculously adorable it kills me.  His paintings/travel stories are wonderful.
3. The Dead Sea - I will be visiting Israel in September, and I can't wait to float in The Dead Sea.
4. The Vintage Book Of Modern Indian Literature - I'm currently (slowly) reading this book when I find the time, which is a collection of Indian Literature from the last 50 years (short stories from varying authors).  The story collections in this book are so beautiful I could get lost in them for days.
5. My bathroom - My bathroom is finally finished and I think it's my favorite room in my house!  I was so happy taking my first bath in the clawfoot tub.
6. Colorful Huaraches - The perfect shoe for summer.  I could use one in every color.
7. Apriums - Apriums are finally in season again, and I get so happy when I can buy these delicious apricot-plum hybrids at the Farmer's Market.
8. Tie Dye - All I want to do this summer is tie dye/dip dye everything I own and drape it all over my body.  I might be insane, but I can't get enough of it. (Tastefully done, of course).
9. London - My bff and I recently decided that we are going to London (and Rome) right after our trip to Israel in September.  I couldn't be more excited about pubs, gorgeous parks, fish n' chips, art museums, and of course, Top Shop.

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