Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Destinations

Just a few of the incredible places that I dream of experiencing someday...

1. Patagonia, Chile:  I would love to one day traverse the Andean peaks of Patagonia with people I love. Sometimes untouched nature has this way of making you feel really small and insignificant, and it's that type of modesty and appreciation that makes you realize how lucky you are to exist on this planet.
2. Santorini, Greece:  Santorini is one of those places that you think must not be real because it looks like a dream.  I just imagine myself sitting nestled above the ocean, watching the sunset reflect off the small white buildings and pretending like life is perfect in a place like this.
3. Bokod, Hungary:  Bokod is an extremely small village in Northern Hungary that is almost impossible to get to unless you have a car.  There are only 2,000 people who live there and one main road that runs through the town.  If I wanted to escape, I would come here.
4. Cinque Terre, Italy:  I wouldn't complain about waking up in the Italian Riviera every morning.  It's almost unfair that a place like this exists on the opposite the world from myself.
5. Cote d'Azur, France:  Surrounded by the Alps & the warm breezes of the Mediterranean lies the French Riviera.  I often look through photos from this stunning Provence and find myself daydreaming about drinking mimosas under the trees overlooking the bright blue beach.
6. Istanbul, Turkey:  When I was in Europe last, everyone I met along my travels kept gushing about how incredible Istanbul was.  I recently watched a short documentary about the culture of Istanbul, and I am now obsessed with the stunning architecture, colorful textiles, and especially the food (!!!) of this city.
7. Fjord, Norway:  Geirangerfjord located in Norway is the world's most untouched Fjord.  I imagine how quiet it must be to glide along the water in this pristine Fjord, and how amazingly beautiful that would be.
8. Jerusalem, Israel:  I have actually been to Jerusalem once, but I was very young and barely remember what it looks like in person.  I do, however, remember how powerful it felt to be standing in a place with such deep history.  I am going back to Israel in September and I can't wait to experience it again now that I am older.
9. Kinvara, Ireland:  Kinvara is a small, picturesque seaside village in South County Galway, Ireland.  You can enjoy an Irish feast inside the tiny Dunguaire Castle, built in 1520 while listening to traditional Irish music after a day of fishing.


  1. aaah... santorini, patagonia, and cinque terre are all at the tops of my lists too!

  2. loving your blog, I just found it via miss moss ;)

    that colorful seaside town in italy is dreamy. I would love to see it in person!